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Hi there! I'm Alex. 18 years old. Little bit awkward. Multifandom (but mostly Sherlock & Tolkien). Enjoy dears

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so my friends son is going through puberty earlier than his classmates and it was freaking him out a bit so she sat him down and explained how his body was going to change and that its supposed to happen and at the end she was like “are you confused about anything?” and hes like “just one thing”

and shes thinking “oh no hes going to ask me about sex i just know it”

and he says “i just dont understand modern art”


“ooooohhh” i say as i still dont understand

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Remember that one time Dean O’Gorman finally noticed the screen behind him:


Then proceeded to show the entire audience his lovely booty! 


This is the man I love!

(Sydney Oz ComicCon 2014, PLEASE no editing/stealing etc).

Omfg I did not know this!


my problem is that i like boys in theory but not in practice so if i see a cute boy i’m like “damn i would” but when faced with actually dating one i’m just like “nah”